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Make a difference in people's lives, every day

At Castellum, we are always committed to what impact our work can have on society and our tenants' everyday lives - today and in the future. We are constantly working towards the goal of proudly helping to shape and develop sustainable workplaces beyond expectations.

People having a meeting.
Two people sitting i a lounge area.
People sitting by a table laughing.
People exercising in an outdoor gym.
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Our areas of activity

At Castellum we work in the following areas of activity:

  • Property administration
  • Business Development and Projects
  • Leasing
  • Sustainability
  • Treasury
  • Investment/Transaction
  • Business Support
With exciting work tasks our employees make a difference every day.

Fun at work

Our committed employees grow their careers and develop the company while having fun at work.

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Our open work climate encourages commitment and courageousness.
A person sitting by a computer smiling.
Internships at Castellum

New opportunities

At Castellum we want to increase opportunities to join the labour market, and we accept interns every year.

Our internships are an opportunity to gain insight into daily life with us and make contacts for the future.