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All our functions work together

We help companies to develop and people to grow. Through innovation, competence and being genuinely close to our tenants, we create successful and sustainable workplaces. We manage and develop premises for offices, warehouses and logistics and have our own staff in all the local markets where we operate. This allows us to act with personal responsibility, which gives our employees ample opportunity for participation and personal development. All our functions work closely together to make us the Nordic region’s leading and most sustainable commercial property company.

Your career with us

Do you have experience in a specific field or are you seeking new challenges? Our employees work in the following areas of activity:

Property administration Business development & projects Lettings Sustainability Treasury Investment & transaction Business support

Property Administration

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Fast decisions and good service

Sustainable administration

Tenants and properties are always the primary focus in our property administration organisation.

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Property Administration

We are responsible for the administration of our properties, with tenants and properties as our primary focus. Our property administration teams work closely together and have all the expertise needed to deliver fast decisions and optimal service at all stages of the business relationship. Our commercial administrators are responsible for customers and results, while our technical administrators make sure all technical installations in our buildings operate efficiently and sustainably. We also have our own technical staff who keep day-to-day operations running smoothly. We collaborate closely with our other functions Lettings, Business Development and Projects.

Example of roles:

  • Business area manager
  • Asset manager
  • Assistant property administrator
  • Maintenance technician
  • Property manager

Business Development and Projects

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Everything from land to production

We manage everything from land and property acquisition to design and production.

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We are always looking for new project opportunities

Business Development and Projects

In these areas, we work on developing Castellum’s property portfolio by creating the urban environments and workplaces of the future. We initiate, drive and optimise project potential. We work with everything from land and property acquisition, local development planning, land development, planning permission and design to production and subsequent handover to our administration. We work with projects throughout the chain and in virtually all commercial areas, usually in close contact with the end customer. We are constantly looking for new project opportunities in the form of land and buildings in attractive locations.

Example of roles:

  • Business developer
  • Project developer
  • Project manager
  • Project leader
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Customer needs in focus

Our customers and their needs are always our primary focus.

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In leasing, our focus is always on the tenant, and we strive to create optimal solutions based on their needs and requirements. We are always looking for solutions that are sustainable both financially and ecologically, and we collaborate closely with our property administration, business development and project functions throughout the leasing process. In the role as a lessor, you work with new tenants. The role is multi-faceted and calls for a strong interest in people and good sales and negotiation skills.

Example of roles:

  • Leasing manager
  • Leasing negotiator
  • Project leasing negotiator
  • Leasing coordinators


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Sustainability management

Castellum is the Nordic region’s most sustainable property company and our sustainability efforts are fully integrated into our business.

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Our sustainability team must develop the Group’s sustainability management in line with our aim to continue being the Nordic region’s leading and most sustainable commercial property company. The team has all the skills and expertise needed to run the development work and engage the entire organisation in areas such as responsible resource use and the development of a sustainable, future-proofed property stock, as well as in socially oriented areas such as health, wellness and sustainable urban development.

Example of roles:

  • Sustainability manager
  • Group sustainability manager
  • Chief sustainability officer



Capital market financing is playing an increasingly important role as the Group expands.

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Good collaboration with major banks

Castellum collaborates with all the major Swedish banks and some Nordic credit institutions.


The treasury deals with the Group’s loan financing, liquidity, currency and financial risk management. Strategy and analysis are important aspects of the department’s activities. At this department, we analyse how the interest rate market, currency market and other macroeconomic parameters affect the business. The Group’s borrowing primarily takes place through the bond market and banks.

In the bond market, Castellum’s securities are mainly purchased by funds and insurance companies. Castellum collaborates with all the major Swedish banks and some Nordic credit institutions. This department is an important, central function in Castellum’s business.

Example of roles:

  • Head of Finance
  • Finance analyst
  • Treasury controller
  • Team leader Finance
  • Treasury administrator


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Transaction, investment, valuation

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As a central function, we drive the company’s property transactions and strategic work forward. We are responsible for ensuring that investment transactions are processed and decided on by the CEO/investment committee and the Board of Directors. In this area, we can view the property portfolio from the Group’s overall group perspective, where Castellum is unique in terms of size, geographic distribution and segment distribution. The department also performs valuations for the Group.

Example of roles:

  • CIO
  • Transaction project manager
  • Investment analyst
  • Valuation manager
  • Property valuer

Business Support

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Business Support supports the whole organisation

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Business Support

There are many more areas to work in at Castellum than those that directly regard our properties and projects. In Business Support we work in many different areas to support the organisation in the best possible way in line with Castellum’s values and business goals.

Example of areas:

  • People & Culture
  • Finance
  • Communication & Marketing
  • IT
  • Legal
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Three people sitting outside talking.