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Stock price:
SEK 131.60 0.00% SEK 0.00
Year high:
SEK 143.60
Year low:
SEK 120.50

The share

Castellum’s goal is for the company’s share over the long term to yield a competitive return in relation to risk, and to have a high level of liquidity. The risk level should be lower than the industry average. All actions are based on a long-term perspective and the company presents frequent, transparent, true and fair financial statements to shareholders, capital and credit markets, and the media that facilitate external assessment and evaluation of the company and the share.

Information about the share

Total return

The total return can also be expressed as an annual average for a fixed period of time.

Adjusted dividend

The value of the dividend adjusted for share issues and splits. Example: In 2006, SEK 10 per share was distributed to the owners. In 2010, a split was carried out that gave the owners two new shares for one old share. The dividend of SEK 10 in 2006 was recalculated with regard to the fact that the owners now had twice as many shares compared with the point in time before the dividend. The adjusted dividend in this example is SEK 5 per share.

Trading and instruments

For information on trading and various instruments, refer to the Nasdaq OMX Nordics web site.

Nasdaq Green Equity Designation

Castellum fulfils all conditions to be classified as a green share on Nasdaq Stockholm. Read more in the S&P Global assessment of Castellum.