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Four reasons to invest in Castellum

Castellum’s objective is to create value for shareholders over the long term through healthy returns versus risk and by maintaining high levels of liquidity in the share. Here are four reasons to invest in the Castellum share.

Stable company

Castellum is a stable company that creates value through long term growth at low financial risk. Since the IPO in 1997, shareholders have received an average total return of 15 per cent per year.

Well-diversified portfolio

Castellum has a well-diversified portfolio and is a clear alternative for the Nordic private and public sectors. The company’s tenants represent a cross-section of the Nordic private and public sectors, which promotes strong diversification and risk spread in the lease portfolio.

Sustainable operations

Sustainability has been thoroughly integrated into Castellum’s operations. The company is working towards clear sustainability goals over both the short and long term. With sustainable operations, Castellum will create value for both tenants and investors as well as other stakeholders.

Continual portfolio evaluation

Castellum continually evaluates its holdings in relation to its markets and segments in order to continue refining its portfolio. Completed projects and properties that it believes will not promote future growth are divested.

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