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A sustainable everyday life

We are convinced there is a connection between a healthy working environment, good leadership and an efficient organisation. For this reason, we do all we can to help our employees feel well in their everyday lives and committed at work.

Flexible working hours and remote working

As an employer, we recognise the huge importance of work-life balance. Our starting point is that the office is the heart of our daily work and is an unbeatable meeting place. However, we favour flexible working hours and remote working whenever possible.

Health and wellness

We care about our employees’ health and wellness and aim to promote a positive, healthy lifestyle. Through a generous wellness allowance, an exercise pass at a discount price and opportunities to do exercise at work, we build good habits together.

Supplementary parental allowance and insurance package

We want to support our employees in all phases of life. Among other things, we offer all parents in our Nordic countries a better, supplementary parental allowance. As employers, we want to give our employees the best possible support even during tough times. We offer our employees a solid insurance package and early support in tackling physical and mental ill health through health insurance or the occupational health service.

A committed employer

Coaching, clear goals and continuous feedback

Leadership at Castellum is based on coaching, clear goals and continuous feedback, and we believe that maintaining an ongoing dialogue between employees and leaders is crucial to employees’ engagement at work.

We also aim to detect warning signals in the organisation as early as possible in order to take appropriate measures. For this reason, we measure our employees’ engagement and well-being every three months to monitor trends and identify our strengths and areas where we can improve.

Two people in safety wear.
Three people sitting in a lounge area.
Two people sitting in a lounge area.

Your benefits with us

  • Solid insurance package
  • Occupational pension and pension advice
  • Supplementary parental leave allowance
  • Annual bonus
  • Wellness allowance
  • Lunch benefit
  • Occupational health service
  • Collective agreement
  • Occupational pension