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A unique urban district in Stockholm

Close to New Karolinska Solna and the Karolinska Institute, we’re developing Hagastaden, a science district with a focus on health, where workplaces, research and housing meet culture and recreation. In 2030, when the new district is expected to be completed, Hagastaden will comprise roughly 50,000 new workplaces and 6,000 homes. With a focus on attractive workplaces, we at Castellum are contributing our know-how in health and wellness through our work with WELL-certified properties. We develop workplaces that help employees and companies to perform and feel well. Our largest project in Hagastaden is the Infinity project, which comprises 23,000 square metres of office space for the next generation.

Science Culture Health


The workplaces of the future

We live in a time of change when people’s and companies’ needs and circumstances are constantly evolving. Castellum strives to continuously grow and develop to meet the needs of future workplaces adapted to new work processes. People’s work environment has a huge impact on enjoyment, creativity and productivity. But how do we know if an office is optimised to meet the employees’ and company’s unique needs? How do we identify these needs?

Working with Castellum means having access to our knowledge, drive and strength. Our ambitious goal to become an industry leader in digitisation has led us to launch a number of services to our customers that make daily life easier. As a long-term player and urban developer, it is natural for us to contribute to sustainable societal development.

Integrated sustainability all the way

In Hagastaden, we’re focusing strongly on creating a sustainable lifestyle for the people who will work and live in our properties by integrating sustainability fully into our operations. This means, for example, constructing resource-efficient buildings that meet high environmental standards. But above all, it means creating workplaces that people look forward to going to. We put people’s needs and wellness at the centre, for example by working with WELL certification.

WELL is an international building standard that focuses on health and wellness through seven concepts: air, water, nourishment, light, movement, climate and mental well-being. Castellum has knowledge and experience from many types of projects, as well as a large network of qualified partners. We offer support in creating a healthier workplace.

Our ongoing construction projects in Hagastaden

Hagastaden is here

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Are you looking for new premises for your business, and want more information about this property? We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities available and look forward to discussing your needs and how we can help.

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Why choose Castellum?

We’ve got the premises

With one of Scandinavia’s largest stocks of office premises, we offer an extensive range of premises in different locations. We also offer fully equipped, turnkey offices in several cities, as well as fully serviced coworking spaces with 24/7 access and a large range of services.

We work sustainably

As the Nordic region’s most sustainable property company, we make sure that all our new build projects are environmentally certified. In addition, we offer tenants everything from green leases to energy-efficient, climate-neutral properties, always with a safe, healthy working environment.

We look around the corner

To meet tomorrow’s needs, we follow the latest research on working life, learn from new findings, carry out our own surveys and publish the annual trend report Worklife of the Future. However, our most important monitoring of future trends takes place through our daily dialogue with tenants.

We are local and close at hand

We show strong local commitment, and have own staff in all locations where we operate. This allows us to provide the personal contact and local knowledge we know is so important. We manage all of our buildings, and as a customer you always have access to a dedicated house team who make sure you’re happy with us.