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Useful information on invoicing

There are many companies in Castellum, so it’s important to make your invoice out to the right company and include the correct reference details. If this information is missing or incorrect, you risk payment being delayed and having to issue a new invoice.

We prefer you to submit e-invoices.

For more information on this, visit www.castellum.se.

If you can’t send an e-invoice, please send a PDF invoice to levres@castellum.se.


Your invoice must include the correct invoicing address, as shown below:

*Company name*
*INX number*
831 90 Östersund

You must also include the reference number that you were given by the person who placed the order. This number consists of nine digits and should be entered in the reference field on the invoice.

We apply 30-day payment terms.

GLN number and INX number

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