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Stock price:
SEK 121.95 -1.57% SEK -1.95
Year high:
SEK 143.60
Year low:
SEK 120.50

Risk survey

Castellum conducts an annual risk survey in which all the company’s risks are assessed based on likelihood, impact, priority and development. A weighing of the likelihood and impact then becomes our risk assessment. Short- and medium-term risks are analysed for a period of up to ten years. Over the last several years, Castellum has also worked on analysing various future climate-related risks and possibilities over the long term up through 2050. To facilitate risk management, Castellum has chosen to classify risks into the following categories:

Regulatory risks

Risks due to the influence of external factors and events, and risk associated with laws and regulations.

Operational risks

Risks associated with routine administration of Castellum’s properties.

Financial risks

Risks in Castellum’s financing and reporting.

Sustainability risks

Risks associated with the environment, social responsibility and/or responsibility risks, but also our employees and the people in and around our properties.